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Douglas Fir & Hemlock

Introduction  |  Douglas Fir & Hemlock  |  Typical sizes  |  Quality & safety

All our wooden ladders are made from Douglas Fir or Hemlock.

Manufacturing benefits

  • Compression parallel to grain is a measure of a piece of wood’s
    ability to resist a crushing force that is applied to the ends of a piece
    of wood. In-grade tests prove Hemlock & Douglas Fir Wood can carry the
    load making them an excellent choice.
  • Studies prove that Hemlock holds nails and screws better than most other
    species of wood.
  • Douglas Fir and Hemlock are stiff woods.
  • Douglas Fir and Hemlock are hard to break.
  • Strength to Span – The inherent strength of Douglas Fir and Hemlock
    also means that builders can now safely and with confidence design and build
    wooden products and structures
  • Douglas Fir and Hemlock can resist a crushing force

Wood sources

Globe Ladders & Manning Export only source wood from wood products association
members, recognised worldwide as a symbol of integrity, the Western Wood Products
Association’s grade stamp is a lumber buyer’s guide to lumber satisfaction.
This mark represents each WWPA Member mill’s commitment to consistently deliver
a wooden product which meets uniform quality standards, whether the wood is
intended for structural or appearance purposes.

Physical Properties

Common name Botanical name Density, g/cc Density, lbs/cu.ft. Modulus of rupture, air drykg/ Modulus of elasticity, air dry,kg/
Douglas fir (coast type) Pseudotsuga taxifolia 0.512 31.96 8.44 1357.
Douglas fir (mountain type) Pseudotsuga taxifolia 0.446 27.84 6.72 981.
Hemlock eastern Tsuga canadensis 0.431 26.91 6.06 846.
Hemlock, mountain Tsuga martensiana 0.480 29.97 6.95 797.
Hemlock, western Tsuga heterophylla 0.432 26.97 6.51 1015.

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