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transmission, distribution and telecom networks.

Products A-Z

A-Z products (telecom / LV-MV Overhead head line / oil pumps / boiler house suppliers and chemicals)

3M scotch electrical splicing tape

ACS rod thermostats – boilers
Active (95%) Detergent
Alignment switches – Davies derby
Aluminium Cladded Steel Wire ( ACS) L
Alstom terminals
Allenwest contactors
Allweiler oil pumps, valves, spindles, gasket sets and seals.
Anchor clamps ( single and double + bracket) R
ANSI Class Insulators
Arresters ( 24kV) R

Ball Socket (pin type lines) R
Ball eyes ( as above)
BAND-IT steel banding
Base plate
Bergomatt valves
Bermad valves
Bondioli pumps
Bridge tester
Brian+Luebbe pumps
Broche type connectors R
Bucher pumps
BURNDY connectors and tools
Bus-Bar Clamps
C connectors (copper) R
Cable jointing kits
Cable crimping tools LV-HV
Cable Height Measuring
Cable jointing tools LV-HV
Cable lugs, crimps, splices, terminals and connectors LV-MV
Cable pulling equipment (R)
Cable strapping tools (R. B-It)
Cable stringing block, cable clamp, pulleys -
pulling grips ( come along clamps) R
Cable stripping and cutting tools (R TD S Pr)
Cable ties (R. V )
Calcium Hypochlorite
Cavity Pumps
CEMBRE crimping tools
Centrifugal pumps
Ceramic Fuses
Ceramic Insulators
Chain hoists / lifters (R. V)
Crimping dies
Clevis Eye (R)
Compression connectors Lugs. (R. S)
Cross arms . All types (R)

Davis derby ignition systems
Dead end clamp ( OHL) R
Dead end grips ( PL R)

Earth Block Shear Off Bolt Connectors (H)
ESME valves
ETNA cock valves
Eye bolt (R)
Earth rods & brackets ( steel and copper clad) (R)

Fibre Glass Pole Sets ( link sticks)
Fixing nut and bolt
Flange Bracket
Flow meters

Glass insulators LV/MV (R)
Gloves insulated ( latex / leather) R
Ground rod connector

Henley test blocks
House Service Cut Outs
HSC fuses
Hydraulic crimping tools (S. R)

Hepworth shear off bolt connectors

Ignition systems for turbines and boilers ( M & Dd)
IMO pumps and valves
Industrial Boiler house probes, sensing and connectors. (IBS)
Insulated tools -lineman R
Insulators (ceramic silicon and glass)
Insulator pins
Insulating piercing connectors (R & S)

Katharometer – ABB
Kosaka pumps
Krone connector boxes
Krone cabinets

Lineman safety belts (leather and nylon) R
Lineman tools
Live line connectors (R)
Lewis vertical sulphur pumps
Lodge Ignition sets
LSA Modules

Magnetic Switches – Davies Derby
Methylated spirt
Midspan compression connectors (R & S)
Mono pumps

Nuts & Bolts (hexagonal) washers (R)

Parker seals
Phones valves
PG Clamps (R & S)
Pig tail hooks / bolts (R)
Pin insulators
Pin bracket
Pole Line Hardware (R) telecom and LV -MV
Pole Sets ( fibre glass link sticks)
Post Insulators

Rexel shredders
Rexroth pumps
ROTAREX pumps and valves

Safety belts – lineman leather / nylon (R V)
Safety Boots & Helmets (R V)
Safety Harness (R)
SBI Connectors
SELFA valves
Separable straight and elbow connectors ( R and S / 3m)
Shear Off Bolt Connectors ( Hepworth)
S-hook (R)
SIBA fuses
Siemens pulsers
Single core termination kits (R)
Single and three core joint kits (R)
Sigma switches
Silicon insulators (R)
Socket Tongue (OHL / pin type lines) R
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate 70%
Stay Rod / ground rod (R)
Stay Wire
Strain clamp
Strain insulators
Street lightning brackets and attachments
Stringing blocks ( telecom and LV abc OHL lines) R
Submersible pumps
Suspension clamp ( OHL) R
Suspension insulators ansi 52-1 to 52-8

Take blocks ( R)
TE ( Tyco) Telecom Mechanical Closures
Test instruments
Tool set (case) for preparing 50-630mm cable
Traffic film remover
Transformer brackets ( OHL) R
Vicker valves

U-bracket (R)

Voltage / current tester

Wire grip