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quality assured products for electricity generation,
transmission, distribution and telecom networks.

why choose us

Why choose manning export ..

If you work for, or have close links to, a major utility or contractor, an importer or a local supplier, an agent or engineer, employed as a member of a procurement team at a power distribution company, a local electricity authority, power station, OHL network, or working within the telecommunications sector or the chemicals market,   we can help you.  We have over 30 years of experience working with people like you.

You will benefit from specialist trade and export pricing available only with Manning Export.

As an independent company, we are not bound by any corporate terms or conditions… Every quote, term of sale, currency, purchase and freight consignment is taylor-made to suit your needs.  We always remain flexible and we always aim to offer the lowest ‘export’ pricing.

We will be pleased to receive enquiries for any product in any quantity, and we understand that often you will require consignments urgently.

We can consolidate products, saving you time and money!

Key points..

We understand the power generation, transmission and distribution business.
30 years engineering experience.
20 years of telecommunication line product experience.
We will only offer and supply you with the highest possible quality assured products that the UK and Europe has to offer.  BS, EN standards and ISO approved.
We offer specialist export and bulk prices.
We employ local agents to assist you in any aspect of the quotation, negotiation, sale and shipping process, when required.
We offer you a dedicated person to handle all aspects of your enquiry, sale, packaging, shipment and documentation, with regular updates
Packages are tailored to meet individual needs.
We are not a large corporate bound by terms or conditions, we offer you flexible terms and options.
We partner with some of the leading brands in Europe and the UK.
We are official export sales agents for many producers.
We offer you insurance, freight and documentation for your consignment.
We will quote for and supply small packages or full container loads.
We are committed to providing you quality products at low prices with a first rate level of service.

Statement ..

We are always looking to build new relationships and partner with professional local people and agents, as well as hearing from producers of quality products who are interested in promoting their goods in exciting developing markets such as Ghana.

Because of our experience and reputation we are often approached by factories and producers to act as their export sales representatives.  All manufacturers must meet our strict quality assurance before we will agree to become their official partner.